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Nepal - Mount Dhaulágirí

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She wrote a guide and traveler Radka from Bushman Expedition to Mount Dhaulagiri in Nepal, which started at the top of the mountain together with a bunch of travelers.

Dhaulagiri, a majestic eight-thousand mountain is within reach. We climb to 3,600 meters, where tents, and then continue to a height of 4,500 meters, where the dream touch the walls. Then follows a downward route. We stopped for a moment, slowly crawled over rocks, I'm a little cautious, but we finally found a descent just before dusk.


I carried on my back nine to ten kilos of freight, a little more than I wanted, and my doctor recommended. Everything you need with you. My own back did not hurt once in all the time, even after camping on the glacial moraine. Anyone who ever slept on it knows that you will not find flat land instead just the rocks and ice.


Trek was lovely, although often critical. Compared with routes to Everest, Manaslu, or is there a raw way, sometimes the harder thing, but I like it more than the tourist highway. I'm glad I stayed in a block of fall that I had some time ago. I'm just going cautiously than before, but I do not have anything inhibitions go.


At a height of 5,000 meters is overcast, come hail. I waited for buddies from hot to cold did, but there was no room to get dressed. It started nicely blow, and they had to wait. Fortunately, I myself be frozen, Tom waited with me, it helped me a lot.

This trek is definitely recommended to all who want something more rugged and handsome.

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