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Unforgettable moments - discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh's doctor

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Remember the sensational discovery of 2013, when Czech Egyptologists headed by Professor Barta made the sixth largest discovery of the year, at least according to the archaeological magazine Heritage Daily. The success was a unique discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh´s doctor who lived during the reign of the pharaohs of the 5th Dynasty, a period from 2500 to 2350 BC.

The burial complex of the priest and the chief physician of Upper and Lower Egypt from the time of the pyramid builders was unearthed near Cairo in Abusir. Doctors belonged to very important families in the court of monarch in its time. The discovery of the chief medics tomb helps give us a better understanding of the life and work of doctors, which has remained a mystery until now. Their mission and position in the hierarchy were highly esteemed.


As part of the pyramid field that extends north from Giza to Saqqara, the locality of Abusir is placed object to accommodate the already "filled up" neighboring Giza, where The 5th Dynasty pharaohs from 2500 BC sought alternative sites for their funerary monuments. Abusir is an extensive necropolis from the Old Kingdom to the close vicinity of modern Cairo. Found several kilometers north of Saqqara, it served as one of the main elite cemeteries for the ancient capital city of Memphis. It is located specifically in the southern part of the Czech archaeological concession at Abusir. The tomb is part of a 21 x 14 meter plot surrounded by 4 meter high walls, which is believed to be a family plot.


The discovery of Professor Miroslav Bárta and his team moved history research another step forward.

Egyptologists are staying in North Africa always long weeks, and their working days are hard. They focus on research seven hours every day working in hot weather, under the hot sun, the wind, always surrounded by sand and dust.

Part of the day is spent in the tombs.

"All members of the expedition are very satisfied with Bushman. Even in tight spaces, burial chambers, sand and rubble Bushman clothing is very practical," summed up one of the egyptologists team members.

Archaeological work, even though it might seem so, never ends. Always something that wil pleasently surprise you. It is important to focus on the results. And thanks to Bushman clothing you are comfortable even in such harsh work conditions.


Reference: http://www.heritagedaily.com/2013/10/archaeologists-discover-the-4000-year-old-tomb-of-a-doctor-at-abusir/99252

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