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The walk above the Yellowstone river is vigorous. The first snow has come early this year and hides treacherous holes among the steep slope. There is an advantage to the snow though. I am able to track the movement of two male bighorn sheep who have just disappeared over the edge of the hill.


I try to follow the sheep over the hill, but when I reach the top they are gone. The sun is getting warmer and steals snow from the southern slope like an experienced thief, disappearing before my very eyes. With the melted snow go the sheep tracks.


I take off my backpack and notice the cool air hitting my wet back. I have a wonderful view before me, mountains and hills covered with fresh snow. The only thing separating us is the river. Behind the river I see the edge Yellowstone National Park, closed for the winter. I take out my binoculars and observe a herd of Elk rutting  in the distance.

I could imagine myself  living here in Montana. The scenery is so beautiful, it almost does not seem real with ranches in picturesque valleys, lakes in the mountains, yellow aspen forests, and trout rivers. It looks like it came right out of an adventure film.

At the end of my stay, I take a picture of a 600 pound grizzly bear with its huge paw against the sky. It reminds me of a picture from one of my childhood story books.


PS: Yellowstone National Park opened on the day of my return. This gives me a reason to come back to this magical place!


BushmanShop, Petr Slavik - explorer and renown photographer


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