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BUSHMAN EXPEDITION - Norway, Northern Spring

Posted by Petr Slavik on

There are water droplets dripping from the leaves of the trees, evidence of the heavy rain that just passed through. The Nordic forest is quiet and mysterious; eerily dark under a low gray sky. I hear the squelch of my own steps in the marsh full of pale green lichens.


I follow a set of fresh moose track through the forest. By the looks of the droppings, these deer appear to be giants. Unfortunately, they aren’t interested  in meeting with a man. It’s hard to blame them. About 1/3 of their population meet their maker each year.


I hear a noise a few feet in front of me and almost fall on my ass in shock when a grouse appears. He makes such a noise that even animals in Sweden know about me now.


After the encounter, I head back to my car and drive to cottage where I am staying. I try heating up the cold stove but the smoke streams everywhere besides up the chimney. I then realize I forgot to put crumbs on the doorstep yesterday for the trolls and now I am being punished for it. I make sure to put the crumbs out and add a little jam for good measure. Perhaps I can noe be in favor of the mysterious creatures in the north again. It is said that they are creatures of moods and they like to be persuaded and bribed for several days.


I wake up one morning and suddenly spring is here, Raw and shot but so intense, it’s like nowhere else. Everything starts to turn green within a few days. There are even dandelions blooming in Trondelags fjord.

I slip into the sea, tempted by the heat of the sun. Vikings once swam there. My swim brings more shock than refreshment.

I notice the dance of the wagtails, the first blossoms and the gorgeous sunset from my cottage on the sea shore. Spring is in the north and there are hundreds of faces and all are worth seeing.

BushmanShop, Petr Slavik - explorer and renown photographer


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