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How to Pack Light for Outdoor Adventure Travel

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When going on an outdoor adventure, what you pack can make all the difference. If you don’t bring what you need, you may not be able to finish out your trip. If you pack too much, you may suffer the same fate.

Packing too much can weigh you down and make your trip more difficult, less enjoyable, and even impossible. Here’s how to avoid over packing.

Know how much you can carry

An acceptable weight depends on the individual and on the situation they’ll be in. Be honest with yourself about what your physical fitness level allows you to comfortably carry. If you’re not, you’ll have some serious difficulties down the road.

Also, take into account the climate and terrain of where you’re going. Hotter weather will tire you out faster, and it’s easier to carry a heavy pack down a flat trail than to scale a rock face with it.

When deciding on a weight, don’t push yourself to your absolute limit either. Make sure you can reasonably finish out your trip with the amount you’ll be carrying.

Decide what matters

Now that you know your weight limit, you have to decide which items deserve a spot in your bag. Is an item’s usefulness going to justify the added weight? Be ruthless in making cuts. 

Try to imagine a situation in which you’ll actually use the item you’re thinking of packing. If you can think of several uses and it seems necessary, go for it. Remember that you may be able to pick some things up along the way too. What do you absolutely need now and what can you get later?

Only bring as much as you need for things like medicine, sunscreens and soaps. Pour these types of things into smaller travel containers to reduce their weight. Also, absolutely stick to your weight limit!

What to pack

Some items lend themselves more to lightweight travel than others. Naturally, items that don’t weigh much work wonderfully. At Bushman Shop, you’ll find adventure travel clothing such as lightweight men’s outdoor jackets and women's cotton clothing that are perfect for packing light.

Items that serve multiple functions can also cut down on weight significantly. A parachute cord, for example, can be used to strap things to your pack, hang clothes up to dry and even make traps for catching small animals. Now, instead of packing three items, you’re packing one.

Packing light is an important skill for outdoor travel and requires knowing how much you can carry, deciding what’s really important, and packing the right stuff. Pack light - you’ll be glad you did.

For lightweight, yet durable clothing you can rely on when you’re hitting the trails, visit Bushman Shop. Our clothing is made for the smart adventurer with a respect for nature. Why go anywhere else?




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