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Protected: Fly Fishing Cuba – The Next Big Thing in Destination Angling

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Well, that drama is starting to ease with the thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba in 2015 and the opening of some of the best fly fishing habitat in the world.


Fly fishing Cuba offers some of the best unspoiled habitat in North America. Photo Source: picphotos.net


For many angling enthusiasts, fly fishing Cuba has always been somewhat of a legend.  Romantic visions of Hemingway casting into the teal blue water, estuaries so unvisited by man that pole breaking fish launch from the water taunting you to try and catch them.  And then there is the Cold War political intrigue, misguided invasion, and years of embargo.  How did the pursuit of that perfect fly fishing spot become so dramatic?

Well, that drama is starting to ease with the thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba in 2015 and the opening of some of the best fly fishing habitat in the world.  The 300,000-hectare Ciénaga de Zapata National Park is an unspoiled ecosystem that has largely been off limits to U.S. fly fishers until now.  The park only lets four small flat-bottom boats fish the protected waters each day.  While it still may be difficult for individuals to try fly fishing Cuba on their own, the largest fly fishing company in America, Orvis, announced that it will start leading guided tours to these world-renowned estuaries.

The Cuban sun is hot, especially while casting on the water. Light-colored garments that cover the arms while still allowing freedom of movement are ideal for fly fishing Cuba. Try the tough, yet comfortable, all natural materials BUSHMAN Dryden expedition shirt. The roll-up sleeves will allow the cool Caribbean breeze to come in, but will keep the sun and bugs out. The shirt also boasts many usable pockets that will come in handy while trying to land the big one.


The expert fishing guides that work the park are ecologically conscious, friendly, and speak excellent English.  While anglers from the Europe and Canada were once the mainstay of these guides, U.S. fishing enthusiasts are now starting to become the majority.  One of the recent developments of increased U.S. travel to Cuba is that the country is not as inexpensive as it used to be, at least not for tourists.  Be prepared to pay a fair price for your guides, meals, and accommodations.

Guides say this is the sweet spot for fly fishing Cuba.  The lifting of restrictions for U.S. travel is happening slowly, but that will soon change and so the opportunity to visit a land locked-in-time by social and political revolution.   A seven-day fishing and cultural expedition will run you about $7,000 per angler; airfare not included.  Outfitters recommend making the most of your fly fishing Cuba trip and experience the music, food, and hospitality of Havana.  Marvel at the vintage 1950s era automobiles plying the narrow streets just like they did in Hemingway’s day and enjoy one of the finest cigars in the world while sipping a Cuba Libre and talking about the one that didn’t get away.

The 3/4 BUSHMAN TANZANIA SHORTS cargo pants are idea for a day of rolling casts over a placid Cuban bay. The pants feature roll-up legs that are perfect for when you have wade into the water and are made of light twill and enzyme washed for extra comfort and softness.

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