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The Benefits of Cotton

Posted by Aileen Madsen on

Cotton clothing made of all-nature fiber causes virtually no allergic reactions and will not irritate your skin.

Cotton is the fabric of summer fun, of cool hiking trips, fishing with the boys, and making s’mores around the campfire with the kids. Photo Source:  savannahwaydrive.wordpress.com


It is time to get out your camping gear and start planning your first outdoor adventure of the season.  It is also time to upgrade your outdoor clothing.  Cotton clothing is not only comfortable, but it looks great, and has many outdoor adventure benefits.  Read about these advantages of cotton and reconsider how you pack for the outdoors.


Soft and Good for the Skin

Cotton clothing made of all-nature fiber causes virtually no allergic reactions and will not irritate your skin. Polyester and fleece often irritate dry skin and many people are allergic to the artificial materials.  Cotton clothing is a great option for those with skin allergies or who irritate easily.  Soft comfortable fabric is important in the outdoors, especially after a hard day of hiking or climbing.  Have a clean soft cotton shirt to change into and be rejuvenated.

The BUSHMAN ARBOR SHIRT is 100% cotton and not only looks great, but is soft and feels comfortable to the skin.  The Arbor shirt can be layered with a cotton T-shirt to add flexibility and style.



Cotton clothing allows for excellent air circulation.  Increased circulation can help remove and absorb body moisture. In warm climates cotton pulls heat away from the skin and keeps the body cool and dry.  In colder temperatures, cotton can provide insulation by helping to keep the cold and wet out. These performance aspects of cotton clothing make it an excellent choice for layering and wear in all seasons.

Environmentally Friendly

BUSHMAN EXPEDITION OUTFITTERS is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing.  All-natural cotton clothing is an expression of this commitment to the environment.  Cotton is an amazing renewable resource and biodegradable.  Cotton is strong and resistant to degenerating effects over time, making cotton clothing long lasting and enjoyable year after year.  In addition, those who want to minimize the environmental impact of their clothing purchases are excited to learn that less than 10% of cotton is lost or deemed unusable in the manufacturing process.


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